Benefits Review

JL Case Management is robust in seeking all eligible statutory services benefits, supporting clients through the appeals process and maximising all support available from statutory services.



Case Managament

JL Case Management is proficient in co-ordinating both therapy and care teams to ensure SMART ( Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound) goals are attained.

JL Case Management has an established database of clinicians and therapists to call upon. We have a depth of knowledge of catastrophic injuries in both adults and children and the effects these injuries can have on family dynamics.


Immediate Needs Assessment

An Immediate Needs Assessment (INA) is an initial assessment to ascertain the injured persons immediate needs. These may be in terms of private therapy, housing/access issues, financial issues and the need for additional support.

Following this assessment the case manager shall seek funds to remain involved with the injured person to provide ongoing support and monitoring of any recommendations implemented.

Making Housing Accessible

JL Case Management is adept at obtaining housing adaptations via Social Services and also negotiating private adaptations and housing purchases to suit all clients’ needs. JL Case Management has a nationwide network of architects, designers and equipment specialists to ensure clients’ needs are met, and a budget is adhered to.

Helping people to remain independent, comfortable and safe in their own home is something we feel passionately about. Many studies have shown that remaining at home and cared for when you are unwell, recuperating or living with a long-term health condition helps maintain a quality of life and mental well-being.

Helping you live life to the full after injury

Provide Support & Care

Support and care -Recruitment of a bespoke care team from a few hours per week to 24/7 care packages

Our experience is that bespoke recruitment is the most effective way of providing sustainable, high quality care and support. Before recruiting any staff, Case Managers talk to the client and their family to find out what they need, and advise on what they may benefit from.

Recruit the Support Team

JL Case Management has a network of support workers, personal assistants and ‘buddies’ who have experience of how to assist those devastated by injuries. All staff are DBS checked and receive mandatory training. Bespoke training is also provided which is client specific.
Daily records are kept by the support worker and verified by the case manager. Support workers are utilised to provide not only personal care with washing and dressing but also to carry forward rehabilitation principles and tasks set by therapists. They would also provide support with accessing the community, using public transport and completing daily living tasks such as shopping and cooking where appropriate

Returning People to Work

JL Case Management can provide vocational assessments and provide liaison with employers, schools and colleges to ensure a positive experience when looking at a return to work or eduction.

JL Case Management is also adept at negotiating the EHCP process to ensure that children have adequate provision for their education and health needs during school time. We can also support individuals through the appeals process where this may be necessary.

Return to Driving

JL Case Management can support with a return to driving, liaising with the DVLA, obtaining driving assessments if necessary and provision of any adaptations to a vehicle to improve a clients independence. JL Case Management is proficient in utilising the Motability scheme and obtaining various grants for adaptations to motorbikes and cars.